SoulGlam by Soulfully

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BlingBling – glamorous and shiny!

The lovely Soulfully-Team invited for their special Berlin Fashion Week next week and it´s gonna be sparkly and shimmery ! The motto #SOULGLAM is a perfect way to get your shine on cause we will celebrate Gatsby-style !
The venue will be the amazing rooftop bar of the Hotel Zoo where Plus Size Bloggers, influencer and friends you made over the years will have the perfect opportunity to get together, drink, eat, enjoy the Berlin Fashion Week and just have a great time. The Guido Maria Kretschmer fashion show will be our soulmate evening plan which I´m already very excited about!

To get the perfect dress code for everyone, we were able to select one key piece from the Soulfully wish-list and this sequin clutch jumped right into my face ! To be honest, I´m not the kind of woman who usually goes crazy over handbags or clutches but this sparkly and shimmery baby just wanted to come home to mama 😀


I´m really looking forward to see all the wonderful soulmates I got to meet over the last years, to connect with lovely people, to dance and have fun with my fat femmes and to finally see the Guido Maria Kretschmer Fashion Show !


〈in cooperation with Soulfully〉

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Stay Soulfully – be YOU

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Mesdames et messieurs,

I´m very happy to be part of the #staysoulfully project by Germanys biggest online retailor OTTO and its Plus Size section called Soulfully !

What it stands for?

#staysoulfully embraces the creativity and style that´s in each of us.
Creating new looks by using one key piece (in this case this wonderful cream colored pleated skirt) and let your style flow – weather its casual, chique, girly or experimental – it´s your choice to breathe life into your clothes and your very own style.

Im one of the bloggers who created two different looks with this lovely skirt to show how various each style can be and I´m very happy to show you guys my results cause I always love to make most out of my wardrobe and the pieces I own. Different combinations can change the look of your key piece completely, using your creativity and inspiration can open a whole new world (*sings in Disney voice*) to your wardrobe and your options.

Be yourself, be creative, be inspiring – be Soulfully !

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The Mental Bikini Body

by Asta Nowarra on / Body Positive

I am more than happy to have found 2 incredible girls who create new ideas with me about Body positivity and plus size fashion!
Julia & Jasmin from Les Soeurs Shop in Berlin, the first german concept store by the way, are creative, lovely, fun to work and drink with and most importantly : always up for new ideas!
(as I´m writing this I took over their store while they went to an order meeting 😉 )
Now as we established that those 2 cuties are true gems, I just wanted to share some pictures from the beginning of May, where i was giving a lecture about my own personal way to body positivity, cooperating with Les Soeurs Shop!

12 wonderful women and 1 very special man ( felix my best friend) joined me for champagne and snacks to hear me sharing my ups and downs as a fat gitl.
Takling about struggling as a fat kid in school, your first crush, being rejected and what it can do to a person to be rejected because of their weight, tips on how to work on a better body image, a better relationship to your own body and how I started my blog.
And it wouldn´t be an evening with me without talking about sex – of course 😀

Tiffany from Wundercurves also joined us and made some wonderful pictures!! Thanks girl – I´m happy to see you any time!!

In case one of you guys is interested in joining the discussion or is just looking for some comfort by hearing that someone else went through the same things, had the same fears and doubts or is looking for some inspiration in any way – just hit me up and me and Les Soeurs Shop will repeat this wonderful and emotional happening!!

Here some pictures (all pictures taken by Tiffany from Wundercurves )


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Fat Girls and Music Videos

by Asta Nowarra on / Body Positive

Early february this year, I was asked to be part of a music Video (thanks Tanja from Kurvenrausch Model Agency for suggesting me )

And as I´m a fat confident girl with tons of swagger – everyone knows – exactly what they ( and by THEY I mean the band The BossHoss and the Berlin based production company Katapult Movieproductions ) were looking for! After sending the production company a short video of me dancing in underwear to Justin Timberlake´s „Senorita“, which was obviously good enough to get the part, I went to the outfit fitting on a relatively sunny sunday morning.
Meeting the band,the manager and the director, trying on different styles and opening eyes to how difficult it is to find outfits for plus size models, was super interresting and fun!
The next morning however, I woke up with the biggest cold sore Ive had ÍN YEARS – mind you I haven´t had any in years – but of course the day before the video shoot 😀
Luky me, we´ve had the best make up artists ever, so with a ton of foundation, patches and what not, we managed to hold that lip broccoly down 😀
The video shoot was just amazing! I was super happy to find out quite early that 2 of my plus size gal pals where part of the video too : Christine Wolke and Dominique Esterlich Those two funny babes really made the long day of dancing, twerking, sweating, laughing and talking weird stuff, very special!
So If you wanna see me and my homegirls shaking out asses, washing a horse, me riding a rocket and poledancing, then just check out this crazy video by The BossHoss called I LIKE IT LIKE THAT(international) and I LIKE IT LIKE THAT(germany)
Yes! fat girls are sexy too !

here some behind the scenes pictures / Behind the scenes video:
ILILT Behind the scenes
Datei 25.05.16, 13 08 49Datei 25.05.16, 13 09 25

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My Body – My Rules

by Asta Nowarra on / Body Positive

You have every right to not be attracted to my body but you also have the right ( and I personally ask you to use this right) to not comment on my body in any negative way what so ever and just scroll on.
Cause you have no right to express your opinion on something you don’t know nothing about.

Y’all haters don’t know my journey that lead up to this picture, y’all don’t have no clue how much effort I had to put into coming this far. And by „this far“ I mean not feeling the pressure of changing for anyone who 1. doesn’t accept me the way I am – inside and out and 2. who can’t accept themselves and therefore tries to shame ppl who actually love themselves.
Believe it or not – more ppl that you think ( and especially guys – even if you don’t want that to be true) are attracted to my body including myself.
No I have no problems in my sexlife and I actually really enjoy it, as well as my partner!
Just because you may not like the way I look or how I present myself doesn’t mean my world will stop spinning and the good part is – you’re not part of my world!
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